Tint Daddy of Virginia Beach

Tint Daddy of Virginia Beach has been locally owned and operated since 2019.

Tint Daddy has been providing professional automotive window film, flat glass film, marine film, vinyl wrap, and accessory installation for the greater Hampton Roads area since 2006, opening a second location in Virginia Beach in 2019. Our quality installations and outstanding customer service have been proven time and again. We look forward to helping you customize your vehicle, boat, home, or business.

Tint Daddy Virginia Beach

2841 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452





automotive window film installation services

Our auto window tinting installers provide professional car window tinting services using our Tint Daddy brand films. You and your vehicle benefit through improved cooling, privacy, UV and glare protection - as well as better appearance.

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MARINE Glass film installation services

Window tinting cuts potentially dangerous glare from the water, reflective surfaces, and from other vessels’ lights at night. There are many different grades, shades, colors, and thicknesses available, providing UV protection, heat resistance, and crystal clear GPS reception.

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Flat glass film installation services

Homes and businesses are also susceptible to heat and damaging UV rays, but adding a film will not only battles these problems, a professionally installed film can provide added security and privacy.

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paint protection film (PPF) installation services

Paint protection film (PPF) or "clear bras" installed by Tint Daddy provide the highest level of scratch and stain resistance for your vehicle's paint. In addition to being abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant, our paint protection films have a self-healing technology that makes minor scratches disappear.

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vinyl wrap & graphics installation services

Vinyl wraps are one of the best things to happen to customizers in decades.  A good vinyl wrap can make your vehicle look brand new practically overnight. It can also extend the life of your vehicle by adding a protective coating over your exterior that protects it from damage while still allowing you to go back to your original paint color just by removing the wrap.

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If you have additional questions, please send a message or call us at 757-551-8468.


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